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Provides the Q function to send arbitrary function calls to workers on HPC schedulers without relying on network-mounted storage. Allows using remote schedulers via SSH.


Under the hood, this will submit a cluster job that connects to the master via TCP the master will then send the function and argument chunks to the worker and the worker will return the results to the master until everything is done and you get back your result

Computations are done entirely on the network and without any temporary files on network-mounted storage, so there is no strain on the file system apart from starting up R once per job. This removes the biggest bottleneck in distributed computing.

Using this approach, we can easily do load-balancing, i.e. workers that get their jobs done faster will also receive more function calls to work on. This is especially useful if not all calls return after the same time, or one worker has a high load.

For more detailed usage instructions, see the documentation of the Q function.